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Monday, September 24, 2012

 Fresh Squeezed Fabrics  is having a great contest ya'll need to check out!

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I'm trying to win a bundle of Madrona and I need your help. I need 65 repins on pinterest. Here's my link:   Please help me win this bundle and if you happen to enter just leave a comment and I'll repin yours.  As an added incentive I will enter anyone that repins into a drawing for Denise Schmidt's Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration book if I reach my goal.  Just leave a comment that you repinned.Thanks so much!


  1. Pinned, and good luck. I pinned one that was $41.. here is mine.. would you mind pinning it? ;)

    1. Pinned it. It went crazy. Mines the 63 dollar madrona road at the end.

  2. Re-pinned for you. I'm glad folks are posting these on their blogs so I can make sure I pin the original and not a re-pin.

    (I managed to get all the pins for mine and emailed my link so here's hoping I get it!)

  3. I re-pinned too :) My bundle is here:


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